Thursday, October 4, 2012

Election Time

Rich Stearns' mobile, school board election advertisement
sometime in the 1980s

My brother, Rich became passionate about the school board elections during the 1980s, a decade of turmoil for the local school district.

Rich hauled hay from the north farm to the home farm on the automatic stacking wagon several times a day, so the side boards were the perfect place for mobile election advertisement. He was tickled to campaign for Art and Jim as he went about his daily routine. That year, Rich drove the stacking wagon over 30 miles one way to drive in the county fair parade and was thrilled when Art Dykman and Jim Fike won the election and things calmed down in the school district for a while.

The paint used for the sign must have been industrial strength, because the words, although faded, were still visible over 10 years later when the stacker was sold at the estate auction.


  1. That is cool. If everyone did there part like the old days things would sure be different (of course now you would need a permit for the sign and permission from someone to set it somewhere).

  2. Too cool! Can you imagine if campaigning were that simple today?

  3. Hey, vote. A timely message, no matter what the decade.

  4. Wonderful pictures of Rich and his advertising billboard! They bring back many memories of the school issues of the 80's.

  5. What a great look back. And yes... vote!!

  6. Cool!!!!! What a way to support your candidates

  7. I cannot believe that the paint lasted that long! This reminds me of my childhood home in Kansas too.

  8. A reminder that all it takes is for good people to do their part! Thanks for sharing a wonderful story.


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