Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home
Quilt of Valor
55 x 69 inches

Fly Away Home is #18 in the 12 in 2012 Quilt of Valor Challenge and is another quilt made from the Come Fly with Me pattern by creative sewlutions.

Even though this is the second quilt I made from this pattern, the pieces gave me fits, and I ripped out and repositioned the pieces more than once. When I told Chan about my struggles with #18 and that the quilt was probably going to someone who was contrary, she replied, "That's funny, Nancy. I'm glad you perservered; maybe #18 is really going to go to someone who never gives up."  I love that idea because Quilts of Valor are presented to brave men and women, and in addition to those traits, I am confident the recipient of #18 is strong-willed and persistent, too.

QOV #14 (Come Fly With Me) features red and blue flying geese; where as, #18 showcases rainbow-colored flying geese.

This quilt used the last bits of black and white fabric, purchased specifically for this pattern.

Sometime, I'd like to make a similar quilt with stars instead of flying geese.

Update: November 28, 2012

Alycia posted this quilt on her blog today.


  1. Beautiful! I agree this one is for a certain soldier to be revealed at a later date.
    Love the black and white.
    Keep on sewing' girl.

  2. I love the rainbow geese. Were the geese paper pieced or "regular" sewing?

  3. Striking! This is one of my very favorites so far. A luck and well deserving person will get this awesome quilt. I am glad there is a YOU that is so generous!
    Rebel Follower

  4. I like the stars idea but the geese are wonderful! I hope someone receives the quilt who is as strong as your determination.

  5. Kathy B makes me laugh. I don't know how wise I am... but I can say that I'm pretty good with words.

    Love #18, but the idea of substituting stars is even better!!

  6. Another wonder quilt and a fabulous back story. I'm sure the soldier who receives it will be very deserving. I think that quilt would be stunning with stars. g

  7. Fly Away Home is perfect, Nancy! I love it! And it would be great with stars, too!

  8. Very cute using the strips and flying geese.

  9. Love it! The geese look like they are floating


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