Monday, August 27, 2012

Skyward Glance

Evening Sky
July 16, 2012
It was the "hook" on this cloud that caught my eye, and between knitting and listening to the music of the Community Band, I watched as the hook eventually disappeared into an ordinary cloud.

The month of weekly evening concerts in City Park allowed me to relax and admire the sky as well as enjoy the music.

What do you enjoy about Summer evenings?


  1. Lovely! I don't really consider it the summer anymore because I'm in classes and the evenings are getting cooler.

  2. I love the long daylight hours of summer and that there is always a baseball game to watch in the evenings.

  3. It looks like the Nike "swoosh".

    I love the long daylight hours; gives me a chance to let it cool down before I walk the dogs. Tonight, they're going to have to accept a shorter walk and Sissy will wear her neck ice thing.

  4. Great picture! I love sitting on the swing and doing nothing. Just swinging. And if there is someone to swing with, all the better.

  5. Great cloud picture. I like sitting in the swing in the yard, reading, and enjoying the trees and grass on my little oasis in the desert.

  6. Nancy, I love your comment that you left, the long shadows, beautiful. Love your cloud also.
    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Beautiful clouds... what could be better...listening and watching!!

  8. I think that cloud is crocheting! I love sitting on the patio on a summer evening watching Hummingbirds. Our Hummys are filling their tanks at the feeders before migration and are around almost all day. In the evening they "dance" for us and will even come close and fly around our heads. It's glorious!


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