Monday, August 13, 2012

New Trend?

Engine Block End Table
spotted at Fremont County Fair
August 2012

Even though it was unique and received a blue ribbon, I will not rush out and have it duplicated for my home.     Would you?


  1. No... and I scrolled very quickly, in case the Knight might have any stupid ideas!!

  2. I love it but I wouldn't want to live with it! My son, however, would buy it in a New York minute and enjoy every minute of having it in his home!!

  3. You got a great picture of it. I think it would have to go in the man cave.

  4. Hubby would since he builds hot rods. And then I would have to move it to the Man Cave (aka the garage).

  5. Hahahaha nope not for me either!! Great retirement gift for a guy

  6. Wow! That is definitely something my Dad would LOVE. Even if it isn't our cup of tea.

  7. I can't say it appeals to me. However, it would be a conversation piece and a pop of color in a living room.


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