Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dubois Quilt Show #2

I am always surprised how a quilt made of multiples of a single block can make such a statement.

The block and color arrangement were repeated to form diagonal rectangles that created a striking baby blanket.
Triangle Trouble,  pieced by Carole S.
55 x 55 inches
Machine quilted by Wyoming Quilts
pattern by Dani Loft and Michelle Aitken
published in Down Under Quilts magazine
under the name, Scrambled Eggs
magazine issue number, unknown
 I love the graphic impression this quilt gives the viewer and how it is accomplished with one, simple block.


  1. It's beautiful. I just love quilt show pictures. My friends and I have been talking and talking about taking a quilting class. Maybe it's time to actually do it. This is really an inspiration. I hope you'll be posting more quilt pics.

  2. That really a neat the red!

  3. I love quilts like this. They are so interesting to look at--a puzzle for the eye and mind. Do you think they turned that one block on the left side to intentionally break the pattern?

  4. I love that she turned one block......that makes it fun! :o)

  5. I love that if you look at it one way, it is squares. Change your perspective and it looks like bricks. COOL!

  6. I like what Dee observed: that it looks like bricks from another perspective. I sure like that! What an interesting pattern!

  7. I really love the colors. Treading carefully here... that's a quilt that makes me wonder if perhaps - if I ever learn to sew - I might find myself interested in quilting.

  8. I love it!! It makes my eyes cross if I stare at it too long, but it is an amazing design!

  9. I like this pattern, maybe not the colors so much. It could be any combination of colors. I don't think I would turn the single block...I would feel like I was making a mistake.

    Thanks for always have something of interest.

  10. Oh wow, I really love that one! You are right, it doesn't look like much when you just see one block, but together they have a great pattern going on!

  11. Beautiful! I think the colors really make the quilt too! :)


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