Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Which is It?

This statue is attractive with the scarf/shawl
 draped around her bare breasts; however,

 just down the hall were two more statues, both sans shawl/scarf.

Why was a scarf/shawl added
 to the statue that was not fully clothed.

What do you think: was the added scarf/shawl
Window Dressing or Censorship?


  1. I'm guessing censorship for the sake of modesty. Where are these statues located?

  2. Curious. I grew up going to museums (a friend's dad was the curator for one) and I was simply taught that the human body is beautiful, and therefore... art. (But mine was meant to be covered and stay covered!!)


  3. That's a little weird. I do not think it was censorship though.

  4. Odd! The statue would be beautiful with or without the shawl but why not stick with she artist's original concept? I wonder if someone complained.

  5. I'd vote for "cleaning" up the nudity. Interesting question.


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