Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Only Myself to Blame

I have only myself to blame for breaking these Bing and Grondahl Mother's Day Plates. It makes me sick to think about how it happened because it could have easily been prevented.

Last Thursday, I propped the banner flag pole in front of my front door so I would remember to put it out on Veteran's Day and went about my usual routine. I ran some errands, went to exercise, and came home. Because I had some other things planned for the afternoon, I parked the car in the driveway and came through the front door instead of the garage. (I rarely enter the house by the front door unless I also used it to exit.)

As soon as I opened the door, I remembered the flag pole, but it was too late. The swing of the door and the force behind it sent the pole toward the wall and into the plates. When I heard the crash, I knew immediately what the pole had hit.

In 1970, I started the plate collection for my mother, and later found and purchased the first plate in the Mother's Day series for her. The two plates that broke were the last ones I gave Mom, so a part of my heart broke along with the plates.

Fortunately, I found replacements at Replacements, Ltd., located in North Carolina. The "new" plates won't carry the same sentimental value for me, but at least the first 20 years of the Mother's Day series will be intact.

Remember Replacements, Ltd. if you break a valuable piece of china or crystal and want to add to your set. The company has a large collection of china, crystal, silver, and collectibles for sale, but they also purchase items.


  1. It's good to know that they purchase also since I have a vast collection of demitasse cups and saucers that I will be selling.

  2. Sorry that this happened...I can't imagine how upset you were at the time but glad you are able to do the replacement and keep the collection in place.

  3. We've all done things like that and then wished we could go back and change things. I hope replacing the plates will help ease that sick feeling.

  4. Replacements Ltd. is a staple in my "favorites" lists on every computer I've ever owned. My DEAR husband chose crystal that I believe was discontinued a few weeks after our wedding... Hem.

  5. I'm so sorry!! I know these things happen but it's so sad it makes my heart ache too. Have you checked into china repair? I had a piece restored once and they did a beautiful job.

  6. If I remember correctly, you found one of those plates in Detroit Lakes. I saw the pictures and immediately knew what they were. So sorry they broke. I have used Replacements for some of my daily dish sets that I had from Daytons that are retired.

  7. OOHHHH I can only imagine how you must of felt! And I know what you mean there is something about the orginals!!!.. But at least you were able to replace them!

  8. I'm so sorry your plates broke...I know the feeling. Mark accidentally threw out a tapestry needle (of all things) that belonged to my mother and I lost it. Cried like my heart was breaking. He never did get it but I do (((hugs))) Nancy!

    Maybe you can make a mosaic or something out of the remains?

  9. Oh, my goodness...that sounds like something I might have done. I feel your pain. You are lucky you were able to replace them!


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