Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gridiron Glory

Gridiron Glory (a Western Region Oddball Baby Blanket) needed a pinch knitter, so I volunteered to add a section. I used Caron Simply Soft (Autumn Red) and the Purled Ladder stitch.

Update: March 19, 2012

Green - the gridiron

White/Black - referee

Yellow - penalty flag

Brown - football

Red - coach's challenge flag


  1. No that you have explained it...it makes perfect sense:)

  2. I love it -- especially the "laced" section!

  3. That is so cool!

    Well Nancy... I started a knitting project last week... it is now apart...and I think I'll try something else.... sighhhh

  4. Another nice blanket. Whoever knit the football section was very clever to add the laces. I knew it was a football right away.


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