Friday, November 4, 2011

Foreign Friday

Home Economics Class
Sanbongi Nougyou Agricultural School
Towada, Japan
August 1979

These girls prepared a wonderful lunch for our staff when we toured their school. The uniforms the girls are wearing were much like those of students in other Japanese schools. (Notice the shoes of the girl on the right.) When students entered the school building, they removed their street shoes and placed them in separate cubicles at the front door. The shoes worn inside the school were never worn outside.

In the foreground, are automatic rice cookers, which were not available in the United States until the mid-80s. I purchased and mailed several of these appliances to family and friends.


  1. Never have understood the shoe thing other than it is their tradtion...these girls all look alike, same hair cut, clothes and etc.

  2. Louisiana must have been ahead of other parts of the country as far as rice cookers go. We received an Hitachi rice cooker for a wedding gift in 1984, but I think they may have been around even before that. Of course, people in south Louisiana LOVE rice and eat it with everything, so it makes sense that Louisiana would be a place to introduce a rice cooker to the market.

  3. So interesting seeing those pictures...yes the girls look the same...probably the uniforms!!

  4. So very neat! I'm trying to remember my first rice cooker... I think it was the early '90s!


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