Friday, November 11, 2011

Foreign Friday

Sanbongi Nougyou Agricultural School
Towada, Japan
August 1979

The principal of the agricultural school (gentleman in the dark suit) shares information about his school and students with a group of visiting teachers from Robert D. Edgren High School in Misawa, Japan. Acting as our interpreter was the man in the rust-colored sweater, the Japanese teacher at Edgren. Edgren's principal was the man with the white beard. 

Notice the calendar on the black board. The dates are listed right to left, and the information for the dates is written top to bottom, which is how the Japanese read and write. Japanese books were read from the back to the front. 


  1. I never thought about the books being read from back to front, but it makes sense if you read from right to left. Interesting.

  2. Except they aren't read back to front to them... Don't they consider our "back" their front? Just sayin' I couldn't figure out the date in 30 seconds of looking....

  3. hum, too fast of the post finger. Last line should have been two lines. Just sayin'. I couldn't figure out the date in 30 seconds of looking.

    Although the sentence did make sense the way it was written -- just not what I meant. B.

  4. I love these glimpses into another culture. Thank you!!

  5. I think your images have remianed in great shape. I love your foreign fridays.

  6. So interesting!! You must of loved being there!!


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