Monday, November 14, 2011

River Icing

Last week, I noticed the shallow areas of the Wind River near Kinnear are slowly building ice.

From the bridge, ice ripples were clearly visible. Temperatures continue to drop in the evenings and daytime temperatures are cool, so ice will gradually build toward the center of the river. Usually the river is not completely frozen since it moves quickly in the center.


  1. Wow! It continues to amaze me how different our worlds are just a "few" (1200 or so?) miles away from each other. I can only remember a couple of times that we had ice on ponds and lakes that stayed around more than a day or two. Enjoy your cool!

    Our temps are to get to the low
    80s today and tomorrow, 20 degrees above what is normal for this time of year. That also means a good chance of severe weather. I'm sure you don't have to worry about tornadoes this time of year!

  2. Beautiful. I love watching the ice build... it'll be January before we likely see any at all.

  3. Beautiful photos but they make my toes cold. Time to knit some wool socks. ;)

  4. Brrr. just talked to my daughter and saw the snow back home....brrrr...if it wasn't for those kids of mine...there is no way I would head home for Christmas...:)

    On the other hand...when I see the does look beautiful...sighhh...

  5. It looks like a wonderful time of the year!! I love to take brisk wintery walks and see things like the ice ripples. I agree with Judy, warm wool socks are in order.

  6. Oh how I adore your title, "River Icing"'s soooo true.

    Your pictures are beautiful.

    God bless and have a fantastically cozy week sweetie!!! :o)

  7. A sure sign that winter is on the way.


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