Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quilting in the Country

Can you imagine having this scene outside your home? 

This photo was taken from the back step of the Quilting in the Country shop just outside Bozeman, MT.

The shop is actually in the back yard of the owner, who is extremely friendly and loves to visit with the patrons. She has written several quilt books and gladly autographs them.


  1. You are making me itch to get back in the RV and make another road trip up that way. We really enjoyed 3 weeks in Montana/Wyoming several years ago. BEAUTIFUL country!


  2. what a great view. How could you get anything done?

  3. I'd never get tired of a view like that!

  4. hi nancy!
    WOW! is that gorgeous or what? i agree with an earlier post... who'd ever be able to get any work done with a view like that :)

    miss you & love checking in on all your projects!
    jeannie dimauro


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