Monday, July 12, 2010

Quilt Overload

One of the major destinations on our trip was the outdoor quilt show in Sisters, OR. It is a one-day show (the second Saturday in July) which, this year, featured over 1,300 quilts. The town expected over 20,000 visitors.

This was my second trip to the show, so I was not so overwhelmed with all the eye candy this time. I was much more selective in the photos that I took.

We arrived early and watched the fire department and other volunteers hang some of the quilts on the side of the buildings.

This quilt was featured on the poster that advertised the show. It was beautiful.

Marilyn and I purchased raffle tickets for the quilt on the left, but sadly, neither of our names was not selected as the winner.

Can you believe that we even saw a quilted car? The show was a lot of fun, but after a while all the quilts started to look alike.


  1. The quilts you photographed are beautiful! I wish you or Marilyn would have won.

  2. The one for the car it too cool.....

  3. I would have liked to win that quilt too...too bad you guys didn't win. Is that a quilted cover for the car?

  4. You went to Sisters for the quilt show..I am envious..I have been through there but not at the right time..with that many people it is probably a good thing:)


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