Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bad Day on the Road

Proof that Marilyn did not have a good day on Thursday! 

She stepped out of the car to get a photo of a barge on the Columbia River, didn't see the curb, and fell. Her glasses, her temple and her shoulder took the full impact of the fall. The glasses are beyond repair: the technician at the optical store said she got the prize for the most damaged and mangled frame and lense.

About an hour after her fall, we stopped for lunch, and one of her front crowns fell off. She must have really hit hard! We were fortunate to find a dentist in Madras, OR that reapplied the crown, and he refused to take any payment for the repair.

Everyone we encountered in Madras was extremely helpful and caring. A lady at the Chamber of Commerce gave us a list of local dentists, and the receptionist at the first dental office that we contacted called other offices to find someone who could help Marilyn. We felt blessed to find such helpful and caring individuals while traveling. Because of their kindness, a bad day on the road was more bearable.


  1. Ow. That was a bad day, but I hope you both are having a better time now. Are you at Sisters?

  2. Oh my gosh! She must have really hit hard. I bet she will be sore as a boil for several days. Glad to know there are some people out there wish a heart and willing to help.

  3. Owieeeeeee! Poor gal! Hope she didn't suffer anything more than what you already know.

  4. Oh I am so glad she didn't break any bones. Bad enough as it was. I hope she can continue on and enjoy the rest of the trip! I've been enjoying your posts. Tell Marilyn to heal up and get well.

  5. Oh, no! Bless her heart. How providential that you all were able to find giving professionals to care for her. Hope she heals quickly.
    I'm enjoying your trip photos!

  6. I'm glad she's okay and that both of you are able to continue with your trip.

  7. I hope Marilyn is feeling better now. I live in Tennessee and there are many dependable dentists in the area. Last week, I visited my cousin in Hilton Head Island for a vacation. There was one time that I accompanied his family to visit one of the best Hilton Head dentists. Aside from the dentists' competitive performance, their office is comfortable and the staff is so friendly. For me, these factors should be considered when looking for a dentist.


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