Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome Giants

When traveling in Northern California, please take the time to visit the Avenue of the Giants.

Just driving the gently winding road among the trees is restful and mystical. I expected to see an Ent step onto the road.

Around every corner were more wonders than I could ever imagine. This area must be one of God's favorites.

The floor of the forest was filled with ferns of all sizes and

lush carpets of clover. 

It broke my heart to see the fallen giants on the loop trail (thank you, Merideth for the recommendation) You can read about her visit to the giants here.

The Loop Trail near the center of the park is an easy walk and allows you to see much more than you can along the road.

Can you imagine the impact this tree made when it fell?


  1. I'm so glad you got to visit the redwoods and the north coast. Aren't they wonderful?! My favorite place to visit/vacation. Although we live in the northern Sacramento Valley, we have not been able to get over there for several years. I DO miss it.

  2. An Ent! I love that...I can just imagine one striding out of that wonderful forest...too bad those big trees are down, wonder if anyone heard the fall?


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