Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Grab Bag Socks

women's size 9
October 2017
A month ago, I purchased a Grab Bag of sock yarn (enough to knit three pair of socks). The Premier Yarns brand was new to me, so I was eager to work with it.

I was thrilled with the results. The yarn is soft and has good stitch definition.

    Serenity sock weight (color DN108-08 Aquamarine)
    50% superwash merino, 25% rayon made with bamboo, 25% nylon

Stitch count:
    60 stitches

    US size 2

This Grab Bag purchase was a good one: I would not hesitate to purchase Serenity Sock Weight in the future.


  1. It's always a relief when a bargain purchase turns out well. Pretty color combo.

  2. Thanks for the sock yarn tip Nancy. i am always looking for new good sock yarn!

  3. Those are gorgeous socks Nancy. I love the colors and your stitches are so even and perfect. Thank you for the yarn tip. It's always good to know about others' experiences with yarn before you purchase it.

  4. Those socks are so pretty. Love the colors. Thanks for the yarn recommendation.

  5. Those are very cute socks. I haven't heard of that brand. If you are keeping them, I'd love to know if they keep their shape with the bamboo.

  6. Very pretty socks and nice to know they knit up nicely from a knitter's point of view! Thanks for the review!

  7. Lovely socks but I took a second look when you said the name was aquamarine. I think of aquamarine as turquoise! Nice socks though. Do you find that socks with rayon hold up well?

  8. The socks look great and I love the colorway. Always happy to learn about another "Nancy Approved" sock yarn!


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