Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Time in a Bottle - a beginning

trimming hourglass blocks
November 2017
Last week, I worked with squares in my 6.5 inch square scrap bin. The stack of squares was nearly four inches high. I pulled out 60 dark squares and 60 light squares and made 120 hourglass blocks for a Quilt of Valor.

Sewing and trimming the blocks took a couple of afternoons/evenings.

Since the Daylight Saving Time ended on Saturday evening, I've decided to name this quilt, Time in a Bottle.

I listened to Jim Croce a lot in the 1970s, and hearing his voice takes me back to those days. What singer brings back a special time in your life?


  1. This will be a nice quilt! I used to love Harry Chapin...

  2. As always, a beautiful quilt. Virtually all music from different periods of my life takes me back to that time. The Carpenters, Gordon Lightfoot, Bread, Jim Croce, Harry Chaplin and others, instantly transport me back to the early days of our marriage. We would sing along while washing dishes together or working on a project on our then home, a 100 year old “fixer upper.” Great memories.

  3. Aww good question. memories: Dan Fogelberg, Kenny Loggins!

  4. Chicago, Credence Clearwater Revival - and others from the 70s. We always think back to when we were dating when we hear CCR. My husband listens to the 70s channel on his Sirius Radio a LOT when we drive.

  5. CCR, Jim Croce, Bob Dylan, Mamas an Papas, Beach boys...I loved most of the 60's and early 70's music. Lots of one hit wonders in the mid 60's are my favs :)

  6. The Eagles, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce and Aretha Franklin

  7. I love hourglass blocks AND that song! I find myself singing it often...mostly in my head. :) My playlist of favorites is long - in addition to the artists mentioned in previous comments, Roger Miller, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Neil Diamond, Boston, and Chicago. I could name dozens more, but I'll refrain. -Grin-

  8. I'm with Cindy --- Harry Chapin.

    Steve and I used to go to his concerts regularly. We liked Jim Croce too. He is a Philadelphia boy!!!

  9. Elvis when I was really young, I was about 12 when he recorded Love me Tender and I was smitten! Later on groups such as the Beatles, Beach Boys, Eagles and Bee Gees. And I really love male singers with deep seductive voices doing love songs, I'm a real softie!


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