Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Finishing Work

binding a Quilt of Valor
The gentleman who machine quilts the Quilts of Valor is speedy, so over the weekend, I trimmed and bound four quilts. I've started using a decorative stitch to secure the binding instead of hand-tacking, and it's much faster.

Thank you, Sheri H. for sharing your technique with me: it's been very helpful. Binding is no longer a chore that I dread.


  1. Since I no longer can do the binding by hand-I do all of mine by machine, too! They look great and get done! Good job on yours!!!

  2. When I made the few quilts that I have made, the part I really disliked was the binding. It never looked right. I admire you quilters who do such a beautiful job of it.

  3. As I said on Valerie's blog - thanks for the reminder of just how much work is involved in making a quilt. Sometimes I toy with the ide of attempting/trying my hand at quilting...but there are so many things I want to do and not enough hours in the day/week/month/year.

  4. Hmmm... maybe you could share that tip; I procrastinate binding also.

  5. Always love learning a new skill in the craft dept!

  6. I support all skills that make crafting more efficient and fun!

  7. It's so satisfying when you learn a technique that makes things easier!

  8. I used to be old school and think you had to stitch bindings down by hand. Those days have gone! We use Superior Threads Micro quilter to completely the final stitching. It just disappears into the quilt top.
    Peggy of course is the master binder around here. She does most of my quilts for me.

  9. I tend to do all of my charity quilts by machine stitching the second step of the binding. Actually I do it for some of my quilts too -- especially the big ones!


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