Friday, November 24, 2017

Helpful Tools - Pressing

Friday posts for the next few weeks will feature ordinary or unique items that I consider helpful and/or essential to my crafting (quilting, sewing, knitting, etc.). I am not compensated for this or any other post: I'm just a satisfied customer. 

pressing tools
November 2017
Accurate sewing requires a good iron and sometimes a spritz of starch. Even though the Rowenta is capable of pressing with steam, I never put water in it. This model does not shut off automatically (my older Rowenta did) which I like because it is hot when I need to press a seam or a block. Before I discovered Rowenta irons, I used Black and Decker models. I liked the Black and Decker irons at the time, but newer models do not get hot enough for my needs.

I purchase Best Press (a starch) by the gallon, and use it often: it's an essential product for my sewing room. I like my quilt blocks to be flat and seams smooth because it makes measuring easier and creates a better surface for the longarm quilter. Best Press comes in various scents, but I prefer unscented. Some quilters mix up a connection with vodka that they swear is similar to Best Press, but I prefer the real deal. Best Press is also great for getting wrinkles and creases out of vintage linens.

Do you have a favorite iron or pressing potion?


  1. I do use steam and also starch -I like the blocks flat and square, too! I will check out this starch product-I have a Panasonic cordless iron-when my first one died, I bought another!

  2. Linda and I love our steam tank iron and Philips make a very good one. Starch products do not seem to be as readily available down under as they are in the States. We have been known to make our own but I have not done this for a while.

  3. I love Best Press. And I use steam - distilled water - in my older model Black and Decker iron.

  4. I dont use an iron or steam often, but I am learning for if and when I do! I hope to learn a lot on Fridays Nancy,. great idea!

  5. Love this idea of telling us about useful items. I iron all of the time but I iron clothes, not quilts!

  6. I've not heard of Best Press, so thanks for the info.

  7. I need a new iron. Recently I washed and pressed Mikey's christening gown and had to use a pressing cloth to make sure I didn't get any funny water spots on the fabric. Maybe that is the secret don't put water in! :)


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