Friday, September 29, 2017

Lucky Seven

four skeins of sock yarn
September 2017
The main reason I did not purchase a lot of yarn last weekend on the Guild road trip, was that I had already ordered some sock yarn online from Mary Maxim. It's difficult for me to pass up a great deal, and the four skeins shown (100 grams each) were only $4.99 each. I haven't knit with this brand before, but it's 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon - a good blend for sock yarn.

sock yarn "grab bag"
enough yarn for three pair of socks
I also ordered a "grab bag" of sock yarn for $18.99, which is enough for three pair of socks for $6.33 per pair. The bag also contained four sock yarn patterns. I like Heart and Sole yarn, but the other brands are new to me. The Serenity yarn in the upper left is wool, bamboo and nylon blend.

This yarn will make seven pair of socks for an average of $6.27 per pair - a great deal. Many brands of sock yarn range from $15 - 25.00 each.

I don't usually purchase "grab bags," but I'm happy with this selection, the colors, and the price.

Have you every purchased a "grab bag"?


  1. That is definitely a great deal for the sock yarn you purchased. I usually get Knit Picks for around 10.99 a pair and think that's a good deal. You have me beat! Have fun knitting.

  2. Great colors and even better price! I've done grab bags in the past for stitching (cross stitch) but have been disappointed, so not sure I would try again. Looks like you lucked out though. Which will you use first?

  3. I never have, but I've used that Serenity sock yarn quite a bit. It wears VERY well.

    I would buy more of it, but the color options here are very limited and I've already knit up all of them. LOL

    Happy knitting!

  4. I have not done any grab bags. I'm so picky. I LOVE your results though.

  5. I haven't ordered a grab bag because I would be afraid of 'ugly' yarn! You managed to find some great skeins! We'll look forward to your posts about socks in the future!!!!

  6. Hum, definitely no yarn grab boxes of yarn to be knit is enough of a grab bag!


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