Monday, September 11, 2017

Elusive Mural - Found

Running on Time
an original mural - not a reproduction
by Jerry Antolik
August 2017
I finally managed to find the final mural on the visitor's booklet list, but it wasn't easy. The booklet gave the location as 4700 Airport Road, which should have been easy to locate, as the road dead ends at the airport terminal.

I entered the address in my phone and headed out to snap some photos. Hmmm, the GPS indicated the mural was located in a large vacant field on the west side of the road. I meandered around the area and saw no sign of the large mural.

The day that Sue and I toured the foundry in Lander, we made a big loop back to Riverton. Sue entered the mural's address into her phone, and the GPS indicated the mural was on the west runway. Clearly, the address in the booklet was incorrect. I drove in the area of the old terminal and there was the mural on the north side of an adjacent building. There was no way it could be seen by someone casually driving by or from Airport Road.
Found on the north side of the AV Fuel building on Airport Road.
Take the road toward the new airport terminal and turn right as the road
angles toward the terminal. Drive east through the gravel parking lot. The
mural will be on the side of the building on your right.
A list of all the murals can be found in this earlier post.


  1. You and your friend are good detectives! This is a great one!!

  2. That is too beautiful to be hidden away. Glad you found it.

  3. What a great idea to have art murals hung throughout the town! Glad you were able to find this elusive piece.

  4. Love it. Dumb question? HOw does weather not ruin these works of art?

  5. That one needs to be out in full sight, not hidden away. I thinks it's one of my favorites.

  6. And SHE PERSISTED! Great find. Beautiful mural and a nice surprise for those willing to search it out.

  7. I love the adventure of finding it!

  8. Hum, doesn't sound like it was an easy find. Neat that there is a list of murals to hunt down. I finished a novel recently that was set in Wyoming. I got a kick out of it when they mentioned towns I'd read about on your blog.


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