Monday, September 25, 2017

I ♥ Fall Knit-Along

September 2017
Progress on the I ♥ Fall KAL has been slow: I've been distracted with other knitting and sewing projects. The dark yarn is difficult to knit without good light, and I've dropped several stitches in poor light conditions.

Pattern: ribbed cuff - socks

Needles: US size 2

Yarn: Zauberball Crazy (#2312 - Piano Bar)
          based on the yarn in the ball, I am surprised it is knitting up so dark
          The yarn was introduced in this earlier post

Stitch count: 64 for the ribbed cuff, 60 after the gusset decrease

Heel: Square Heel (aka - Dutch Heel) from Heels by Number

The weather has taken a definite turn in recent days - cold, damp, and rainy. Snow has fallen in the high country and seems to be working its way down the mountain. I am hoping that Fall will not allow Winter to dominate during this transition.


  1. Looking good! Dark yarn is difficult for me too. Our weather is back to hot (90)and humid. Where is Fall?

  2. The snow is making its way down our mountains, too. I think this week is supposed to be drier, though.

  3. Oh how pretty! That sock looks very fall-ish to me.

    Our weather is supposed to cool off and be fall-like by next weekend. I sure hope so. I don't want fall to be summer ...

  4. IF there is another Fall KAL I willnot choose black yarn. Silly me. It is so difficult to work with now .. I usually knit at night

  5. I love fall, but it does tend to be a bit back and forth for temps. Friday it was 90 and sunny. It rained all weekend, and today it's in the low 50s. I gave up and turned the heat on long enough this morning to take the chill out of the house. Since my office is at home, I decided I needed to be comfortable while working.

  6. Your sock is looking good although I agree with knitting with dark colors. My eyes don't like it anymore. Fall is definitely here. Snow in the mountains already.

  7. Looks like daytime-only knitting for THAT sock. It looks great.

    I'm so gratified by how many people have joined in on the KAL. It's been fun seeing all the projects.

  8. Yikes, that does seem way darker than the yarn in a ball/skein. I'd have a problem seeing that without super light. Keep knitting away during sunny days and it'll be done soon.

  9. I looked at heels by numbers. It hurt my head. However I have saved it for when I finally get brave and knit some socks.

  10. The sock is very pretty but you are right-our eyes don't favor working on them in less than ideal lighting!

  11. Darker colors are very hard to see except in really good lighting! Cool here but I think we will make it out of September without snow! :)


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