Monday, September 4, 2017

Peach Parfait Cowl

neck warmer knit with Kool-aid dyed yarn
August 2017
This yarn is much prettier in person, and it reminds me of a peach parfait.

This is one of three skeins that I dyed at the Fiber Guild's Spring Retreat. This skein was reclaimed from an off-white thrift shop sweater: 90% wool and 10% mohair. It would be fun to replicate the color, but I know it's impossible.

This cowl is going into a special gift box.


  1. Nancy
    It is amazing on so many levels. The color you created level
    the reclaimed yarn level
    and the pattern level. Fantastic.

  2. Very pretty! Wouldn't that be so gorgeous against a black or navy blue winter coat?

  3. Love this! Again, someone is going to be thrilled to receive this. A beautiful gift.

  4. Wow on this cowl! It will feel so good with the bit of mohair to add fuzz factor! A special gift is for certain! You did a great job on the dyeing to give the wonderful bits of color like that!

  5. Boy you are efficient -- dye wool and within a few months make up a project. Your recipient will enjoy the cozy warmth come winter. (which, unfortunately is right around the corner!)


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