Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fighting Horses

Assembly shed at the Eagle Bronze Foundry
Lander, WY
One of the largest pieces that Sue and I saw in the assembly shed was a large horse (mare of the Fighting Horses sculpture) It's shown in the photo just left of the grizzly bear. The blue circle is the mare hoof. 
a small version of the two horses

Our guide told us this sculpture is going to Dubai in six months, and eventually an even larger version will be made - to house a museum INSIDE the horses with the walkway in the mare's raised hoof.
This photo from the foundry website shows the full sculpture
to be assembled in Dubai in 2018
I offered to accompany the crew to Dubai, but our guide just laughed.


  1. A museum inside the horses?! That will be very impressive!

  2. Can't imagine how bit they are but if you can put a museum in them that is mighty big.

  3. Incredible! I'll take several for my yard!

  4. Oh my - I can't even imagine a museum inside a sculpture. I'm blown away by the creative minds that think of such things, and then figure out how to make them happen.

  5. Can you imagine the pride in having your work go all the way around the world???

    I can't picture in my mind how BIG that horse will have to be to house a museum. COOL!

  6. Cool. I've seen horses nipping one another but not a full out fight. Dubai...our nurses took a group there. THey had such strict rules and had to stay on a CAMPUS for safety. I wouldnt go no matter how much they paid me. Women are treated very differently there. You are such an adventurer, you'd be fine there though!

  7. Wow! That is impressive. And a museum inside the sculpture is almost unbelievable.

  8. Amazing indeed. And the mind boggles - a museum inside fighting horses? That would be a sight to see.

  9. Wow I am impressed...Dubai they have lots of $ over there:)

  10. A museum within two horse sculptures? Amazing. How creative.

  11. Another fascinating series of posts! We would love to tour that some day although I don't know as I'd ever make it to Dubai to see the museum. :)


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