Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Webbing a Quilt Top

close-up of rows, webbed together
Bonnie Hunter is a name that most quilters will recognize. She occasionally hosts live quilting sessions, and she demonstrated a technique called, Webbing, on one of her recent Quilt Cams.

I tried the technique over Labor Day weekend, and I found it easy and much quicker than my usual method of sewing blocks and rows together.

six rows of blocks "webbed" together

Here's the video if anyone is interested in trying her technique.


  1. Since I'm not a quilter, I don't really understand this, but it looks cool! Some very pretty fabrics in that quilt, and I really like the design (haven't seen this before).

  2. She does make this look easy. I often web my block sections, and have tried it out with a couple of quilt tops too. My first attempt was a twisted mess, but I did finally figure it out.

  3. I have tried it on occasion but sometimes work in a wrong direction! lol I love this quilt top you've created!

  4. It's great when a new technique is easy and quick!

  5. It is all greek to me, but Im glad you are sharing this for those who can sew! I love the pops of orange in the colors

  6. Well that is interesting and a pretty way of making a quilt. You are so talented. As I've said before, I've made several quilts but I didn't particularly enjoy any part of it except the finished object! I think I'll stick to yarny endeavors. But I sure do enjoy seeing your works of art.

  7. I don't get it either, but it sure does look good.

  8. I'm going to watch this video one of these days. I've seen folks do it but when I've tried to mentally do it -- eh -- things would have been backward or something. Heck, I can hardly sew my blocks into rows the way I lay them out. glad you figured it out. Nice quilt. Another QOV?

  9. I do this too. It keeps me from getting things turned around.


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