Thank You, Canada!

Posted on You Tube October 12, 2016: "Seems America could use some cheering up right now. Check out what some Canadians are saying about what's happening down south."

I'll admit the election and all of its drama has been getting to me, so when I saw this wonderful video posted on another blog, I knew it had to be shared. 

Here's a link to the article in the Washington Post.

Thank you, Canada for bringing my focus back to what really counts.


  1. Oh my ...... what a mess we have become. So sad to see this is what our government has turned into and it won't end with the election. If you think Bush/Gore election was a mess just wait until Trump/Clinton. I'm going to bury my head in some wool and pretend it doesn't exist (right after I early vote on Friday).

  2. It's nice to hear something positive instead of all the negativity surrounding this election.

  3. Thank you. Thank was much needed. I'm just glad that my hope isn't in our government.

  4. Thanks for the positive message.

  5. Cute video...and I've always loved America:).... Brian ALWAYS (at least it seems to it seems to go on for ever:) watches your elections!!... This was has been the most entertaining...and yes scary.... big decision you guys have....

  6. Thanks Nancy! Bill and I both enjoyed the video. It's good to hear that people still think we have a lot going for us. I can't listen to and watch all of the political goings-on any longer. I have voted early and tuned out until it is done. Now I can relax knowing that we are loved by people in other countries!

  7. What a great reminder of all that America has done correctly. I am SO looking forward to the end of this election cycle. I only hope the next cycle goes back to more civility, more manners. Thanks for sharing this fun video.

  8. I saw this well timed video on FB, and it made me smile, too. It will be great to have all this negativity over with soon, won't it?


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