Playing with Color

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to try something new with the Lander Sewing Group. We met at the Lander Art Center to play with color, using InkTense pencils and color blocks.
Marty B. gives the group some background on the technique
Sheri H. uses a color block on one of the leaves she
outlined from a stencil. 
We used the InkTense color blocks and colored pencils to draw and fill in the shapes. After the color was added, then water was brushed over the color to set it into the fabric.

Katheryn E. adds water to her drawing. 
Once the water was brushed on the surface, the fabric was ironed. After that, finer details could be added to the fabric, or shading could be done.
Sheri H. adds more detail to her drawing 
This woman's free-hand drawing was amazing!
my first piece of InkTense drawing and coloring
At first I was intimidated with the blank fabric but finally drew some free-hand leaves. The leaves were drawn with an ink pencil and then I added the color inside the leaves, wet it, and then ironed. I added more color around the leaves and used the brush and water to "feather" the color around the leaves to give the illusion of movement.

my second piece
I really should have used more color on my second piece, but it was close to lunch. It was a fun-filled morning, and the activity forced me to tap into my imagination in a totally unfamiliar way.


  1. Stretching your boundries is always a good thing.

    You could make some very interesting quilt blocks with that technique.

  2. This looks like fun and now I want to find these inks. Like I really need something else to be creative with!

  3. I too would be intimidated by a blank canvas, but I'm completely impressed with your artwork! I can't draw my way out of a box.

  4. I would LOVE to do this, what a fun thing to learn. What you did is so beautiful, awesome job.

  5. That looks like so much fun! I agree with Dee that you could make some amazing quilt blocks with this technique. Love your two pieces.

  6. What a fun technique! Love that first piece especially because you had lots of detail.

  7. Good for you Nancy! Stretching our minds is so good for us. I love the combo of your last creation. Aqua and That reddish brown are gorgeous together. You just inspired a new color combo for a project for me!

  8. How interesting!! What a fun new thing to learn!!!

  9. What Fun! I would have loved to have been there - it looks like you could do so many things with that. Will you use the blocks in a quilt?

  10. I love your drawings. It's so good to do unusual things like this and learn new crafts. Elizabeth has a great idea to use them as quilt blocks!

  11. I had never heard of this. What a talented group of ladies you are! I loved seem all of them. I agree that it would make a wonderful quilt block.

  12. What a cool new craft! I enjoyed seeing your creations! :)

  13. Very interesting! I really like your leaves. Will that paint stand up to washing?


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