Idleness & Rust

old shed
Hudson, WY
October 2016
Idleness is to the human mind like rust to metal. 

~ Ezra Cornell ~


  1. That's the perfect quote to accompany that photo.

  2. Great quote and true.... but I love the look of that rust:)!!!

  3. Great quote.

    I love the photo too. I would LOVE to have a house with a metal roof.

  4. I don't know Ezra. I think that sometimes rust makes metal more beautiful. There's a huge philosophical discussion in there somewhere! Anyway, I love the photo!!

  5. There is a corrugated steel building across the street from my apartment and my son used to put his hand out from the stroller to touch it as we walked by and he would say, "corrugated." Wasn't rusty though ;)

    Thanks for the memory.

  6. somewhat like idle hands are the Devils work?
    Im not a fan of rust . I just tried to get some marks off my deck. Its tough to get rid of. Still I like your photographers eye

  7. Wonderful quote and building. It makes you think.


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