Sweet Little Nothing - revisited

binding off with beads -  half way point
October 2016
Last week, I focused my knitting time to finishing Sweet Little Nothing. Friday night I began the bind-off, staying up late (nearly 1AM) until I was making too many mistakes.

In the photo, you can see that I used a lifeline in the rows immediately before the bind-off. I thought it would make correcting bind-off mistakes easier, and it paid off several times, especially during my late-night knitting.

This project created NO scraps. In fact, I was sweating the last four inches of the bind-off and even "fudged" on a couple of the beaded picot points just to finish. Note: based on a couple of Ravelry projects, I knit to 427 sts : the pattern recommended 408 its, so the tight finish was of my own making, not the pattern.

See how close it was. . .

a squeaker finish!
Yikes, it was a squeaker. Notice that the last two beads do not have picot points, but with some other black yarn, I will "create" the points with a tapestry needle.

completed "Sweet Little Nothing"
October 2016
Sweet Little Nothing is finished, and I love it. 

Pattern: Sweet Little Nothing by Sue DeBettignies for Ogle Design
               (Ravelry pattern link)

Needle:  US size 6

Kit:   purchased at Colorful Yarn in Colorado -  $32.00
          4 oz. (420 yards) of superwash 100% wool
          beads and pattern


  1. That was a squeaky finish! It is a beautiful piece, you do such wonderful work.

  2. What a beautiful finish. I love the sprinkles of black and gray in the light section. You will certainly be stepping out in style when you add that to your outfit!

  3. Gorgeous! And, yes, definitely a close finish!! Well done.

  4. That is so so nice!! Love the beads... I didn't know you could do that!!! I have so much to learn:)

  5. Sweet Little Nothing is so cute and sweet! The beads add so much to a knitted item and it's been ages since I have knit with beads. Beautiful work Nancy!

  6. What a wonderful finish. Nothing good comes from my knitting past 10 pm ever! Love your beadwork. Great job Nancy

  7. It is lovely, so glad you had enough yarn to finish! :)

  8. That is beautiful! Playing yarn "chicken" is not my idea of fun either. SO glad you made it!

  9. Very pretty. I'm still in the knitting mood. I sat in front of you tube and tried to learn how to do an invisible cast on for the up socks. I have to report an epic fail! Must not give up!

  10. Beautiful! Now I'm off to check the pattern.

  11. Love the color! That was some ending there. I've done that before - down to where you can barely hold onto the yarn! Good Job!!!

  12. That is just short of the perfect project! I think getting all the stitches done and an inch of tail would have been perfect, it is really attractive. I plan on hitting my favorite knitting store today. 😉


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