Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scrap Patrol - Granny Style

my first Granny Square block
June 2015

Before I begin cutting into any new fabric, I MUST bring my scraps under control - again!

I've been admiring Lori's Album (granny square) blocks for a long time (her nearly finished quilt can be seen here), and when she posted that she was making more blocks, I decided it was time to get some scraps under control, using this block pattern.

While the directions that Lori used are no longer available online, I did find this source that shows two techniques (scraps and strips) to make the blocks as well as setting ideas.

Lori's blocks have another round of colored squares, and I didn't notice until I had several blocks made. Drat! I've decided to continue making them like the one pictured until I have enough for a quilt. The blocks for the next quilt will have the 16 squares, like Lori's blocks.


  1. These granny squares (both sizes) are so pretty and a great way to use up scraps. This is a block that is on my "someday" list. My scrap bin is totally out of control again too but I just bought a bigger basket as my solution. That works, right?

  2. That is a gorgeous square. The colors are perfect for our bedroom--I have to get my sewing room under control so I can finally try my hand at quilting.

  3. That's a GREAT color combo.

  4. Really pretty. What a good way to use your scraps!

  5. Love your fabrics! I need to consider making these since I seem to have a LOT of 2.5" squares in the scrap bins.

  6. Nice granny square! I love this idea. I didnt' know you had a scrap problem!! haha

  7. Nancy, I love the way you use up what you have! And I commend you for making all the Quilts of Valor this year.

  8. Well that should keep you sewing for a bit! All those granny square quilts are lovely, any way you do it it will turn out great! :)

  9. Love it and Lori's quilt. I've been working on using up my scraps as well.


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