Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Emma's Cowl

Emma's cowl took me longer than anticipated to knit. I grew weary of the endless stockinette.

An earlier post can be seen here.

I saw a similar cowl on a Very Pink video, but the pattern was only available with a yarn purchase. Since I have a LOT of sock yarn in my stash, I did not want and need to purchase more.

I watched the video multiple times to get the basic idea of the pattern and then improvised.

Cast on 60 stitches with a provisional cast on.

Knit in a solid color for 8 inches and begin transition into the next color by knitting three rounds of the new color and then three rounds of the first color. I knit 11 stripes of each color and then knit a solid section with the second color. After eight inches of solid, I again transitioned to a third color alternating three rounds of the second and third color until I had 11 stripes of each. I continued in this manner until I had the length that I wanted. The last section I knit contained all three colors, three rounds each.

I put the provisional edge stitches on a needle and used the kitchener stitch to graft the two ends together for a seamless join.

Yarn:   Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids (100% merino)
             Dove (a light sage green)
             Teal Green

Needles: US size 4 - two 16" circulars

Finished length:  68 inches


  1. Color changes are not comfortable for me but they sure make a item pop. This is a winter colored cowl and very pretty.

  2. The cowl looks very classy. You did a great job figuring out the pattern.

  3. Very nice - and it has a "collegiate" feel to it.

  4. What a finish Nancy!! I just love it. IT is picture perfect. Great colors. Glad you used your sock yarn!

  5. Beautiful cowl, great colors, and good use of leftovers. I must start using some of my leftover yarn before it takes over the house. you have inspired me!

  6. Oh, I love this...the color changes make it especially lovely. I am making a point to knit a few stitches every day because knitting needles feel very awkward to me and I am determined to teach myself. I am always inspired by the projects you share.

  7. Well, that cowl turned out GREAT! The colors work so well together, and you figured out a pattern that played out perfectly. NICE!!

  8. It may have been tedious to work on, but it turn out gorgeous!

  9. Nicely done! Is it knit in a tube?


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