Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Back in Time - Basket Signing

Dwight and Bruce M.
July 31, 1999
Before heading to the mountains for a family camping reunion, everyone gathered at my house for the "basket signing." Seven Longaberger picnic baskets were purchased (one for each family), and Marilyn made the cheerful fabric liners out of fabric printed with large ants.

Stephanie and Chris M. work their way through the stacks of baskets
Everyone signed their name and birth date on the underside of the lid with a permanent marker.

Nancy and Evelyn (Sis)
A brass plate with 1999 Stearns Reunion was adhered to the top of the lids (directly under Sis' hand).

The baskets were not only a memento of the reunion but also a source of some family history.

Another posts about the camping trip can be seen here.

We gathered for a two family reunion (my sisters married brothers, so it was only logical to gather both sides of the family) in 2006 in Park Rapids, MN - at that gathering, everyone signed fabric blocks for a quilt. The quilt I made can be seen here.

Does your family gather periodically for a family reunion?


  1. Cleaver idea the baskets and the quilt. No, my family doesn't do reunions. I guess when I was young my Mother's side did from time to time but we never went. Wish we had, since years later I did the family tree and wondered who some of these people were and could have known them, but for some reason Mom wasn't into it, and money was tight to travel, and we were the out of towners, and Dad worked on Sat's so having the time off was difficult.

  2. WOW was that 16 years ago?
    It was a fun trip.

  3. No hardly ever, the last time all four of my siblings were around was five years ago at my parents 60th anniversary.
    Love that you mad a quilt and those picnic baskets are real treasures! :)

  4. I remember my Grandpa's family used to always get together each summer for a reunion when I was a child. They were dozens of Polish families and the food was amazing. I particularly remember the pie table! They loved to play games and baseball was always on the schedule. I wasn't related to these folks by blood (Grandpa was Grandma's second husband), but they sure treated me like I was! They really knew how to have a good time.

  5. That is a wonderful thing to keep as part of the family history!

    I don't think my family has ever had a family reunion. Too much contention between the different factions in my Mom's generation.

    Steve's family tried to have one . . . it wasn't well attended. :-(

  6. The basket idea if fantastic!

    My mother's family doesn't do reunions. In fact her 7 siblings were never in the same state all together in their entire lives. Kind of a sad commentary on family. My dad's family has had a few reunions but I've not been able to attend the last couple. My husband's family does a huge reunion every 5 years. Last year there were 150+ people in attendance. Fun time!!

  7. That is a neat tradition. My family has only had a few reunions in my memory. Hubby's family used to have an annual reunion, but it fizzled out long before we had kids. People are too busy these days I guess.

  8. What a wonderful way to commemorate your time together! No family reunions on my side. I am the only child on both sides of the family and besides my parents, the rest of the very small family lived in Europe.
    Now my husband is a different story - HUGE family, but they are all in Nebraska and have had family reunions on his Dad's side for years. One of these years, we hope to make the trip.
    Sounds like you have wonderful memories associated with your reunions!

  9. Sadly my family is quite dysfunctional. I don't really address it on my blog. A reunion would be a bit of a miracle. My folks had 6 of us, but my father really only loved one child: my oldest sister. Their relationship was good for them and not for any of the rest of us. so sad. Very few of us talk to my alcoholic father anymore.
    Family reunions like yours are so wonderful I LOVE the quilts and picnic basket signing! How fantastic. LOVE to hear of happy families. Hope my own will be the kind that endures and we can have those reunions with grans in the future

  10. Really clever and creative thinking. we regularly have reunions of all extended branches. We love family.

  11. What a great idea! We don't have reunions anymore.:(

  12. What a great idea, those baskets! We have a family table cloth. Just got back from a reunion in CA. It was a very fun week.


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