Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Drone Drop?

It appears that my neighbor's Riverton Ranger was delivered by drone or by a carrier who needs a bit more training.

I subscribed to the Casper Star Tribune (the only published newspaper delivered state-wide) for about 10 years, but I battled with two/three carriers two years ago. The carrier would drive up my short driveway at an angle to toss the paper on the front porch. The only problem was that he/she also drove on my lawn right where one of my underground sprinklers was located. I tried putting up a wire barrier with attached red reflectors, but the carrier just drove into and over the barrier. I tried a heavier barrier (1/2 inch thick metal frame), and it too was bent and broken. Other times, it was like a scavenger hunt to even find the paper. After numerous calls to the regional director, I gave up and just cancelled my subscription: it just wasn't worth the aggravation.

Is your paper delivered by a reliable carrier or by drone?


  1. By carrier. LOL

    Sheesh ..... I would have quit too after having my sprinkler ruined.

    We only get the paper on Thursday and Sunday. Steve likes getting the coupons. Me --- I couldn't care less. The Orlando paper is so pitiful you certainly wouldn't read any NEWS. :-(

  2. We do receive a daily newspaper and for the most part our carriers have been good. I do get a little frustrated on rainy days when the paper is in a plastic bag - but the end of the bag is open and it's lying right under the rain gutter. That happens occasionally.

    But I would have cancelled too if they kept driving onto the lawn and the sprinklers. Poor customer service!

  3. Our Fort Worth Star-Telegram was delivered by the most dependable carrier ever! She hit the same spot everyday and all we had to to was open the door and grab it every morning. BUT it's a lousy newspaper so we stopped it. I guess you can't have everything!

  4. Another example of incompetence. Makes me sad because I am old enough to remember when people took pride in a job well done...even something as simple as delivering the paper. No paper delivery out here, but I know my mom is one of few who still takes a daily paper. She said she is a creature of habit and if it isn't in the paper, she doesn't know about it. LOL.

  5. No paper subscription here. Although I like to peruse the Washington Post when I visit my girlfriend's in Maryland.

  6. We're still happy with our paper although it's smaller than it used to be. The delivery person hits our big driveway OK and has only missed a couple of days, usually when it's icy as these hills can be very challenging.

  7. We take the Fort Worth Star Telegram, delivered by carrier in a plastic bag daily. Because my hubby is disabled, we asked to have it thrown onto the porch, and it is by the front door every day. I agree with Katherine, the paper has gone sharply downhill. However, it covers our local community news, so I still like to subscribe. I have loved reading the paper since I was 6 years old!


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