Monday, June 15, 2015

Knitting in Public

Mary H., Nancy J., Jane W., Jamie D., Colleen J., Christy P.
City Park - Riverton, WY
June 13, 2015
Members of the Fremont County Fiber Arts Guild held a Knit in Public event on Saturday: it was a gorgeous day to sit and knit with friends.

Jamie (back to the camera in the center) made the sign that caught the eye of many passersby.

Lion brand posted an interesting article on the importance of knitting in public.

Did you plan to Knit in Public this week?


  1. Looks like all had a great time!
    Sorry I had to miss it.

  2. I haven't knit anything in gals rock! :)

  3. I usually knit in public! Loved the link and read the article. I knit in the car on Saturday but I didnt' bring my knitting into the gradation party. I was amongst knitters and we talked about KIP day though...that doesn't count!

  4. Hey, nice photo of all of us knitting in public! Yes, it was a beautiful day!

  5. I knit everywhere--at family gatherings, doctor's offices, car, coffee with daughter. The only place I do not knit is Church, but a friend of ours does knit in Church and I don't feel it is wrong for her to do it. I just don't.

  6. I did my part. LOL

    I knit in a coffee shop in Ormond, Florida.

    Looks like you had a beautiful day for KIP.

  7. Not planning to anytime soon, but love the idea.

  8. Well, later on, I do plan to knit on the front porch, so if anyone drives by with a telescope, they might be able to see me. LOL I do love this idea. Nothing better than being outdoors on a summer day. I think the thing that is unappealing to me about knitting is the sitting. But at least if it's outdoors, it's much better. I hate wasting sunshine. :-)

  9. Wow I love your sign. I wish I had thought of that for our tour!

  10. Neat idea but didn't know about it. Of course, on the other hand I haven't touched my knitting for many months!


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