Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sue's Gifts

Sue's quilt kit - destined to be a QOV
Sue stopped by my house a couple of weeks ago, bearing gifts: some fabric and two kits. The kit, shown above, is for a full-sized quilt - complete with backing fabric. It will soon become a Quilt of Valor.

She also brought some red yardage (sorry, no photo) - approximately six yards that I'll use for a Quilt of Valor backing and some presentation cases.

Wall hanging kit
This kit included the pattern (appliqué) for the eagle. While it is beautiful, I told Sue that I would not be making the eagle, but would use the fabric for other Quilt of Valor projects, and she was fine with that idea.

I would like to offer the Eagle appliqué pattern to someone who would actually make it. It is 29.5 x 26 inches. If more than one person expresses an interest in the pattern, the names will be placed in a hat and the winner selected on May 26, 2015.

Thank you, Sue for sharing your kits for Quilts of Valor.


  1. Christmas in May! It will be put to good use.

  2. Sue is a gem! How wonderful to receive all this fabric.

  3. I can't use it Nancy. Hope someone will enjoy it~!

  4. You are so sweet to offer and I'm sure someone will jump at the chance to work with that beautiful pattern. I would love it but I would not know where to begin. I need to take a class in quilt making before I tackle something like this.

  5. How great to get fabric given to you for your wonderful Quilt of Valor quilts. If I had any thought at all that I might make the eagle, I would certainly throw my name in the hat. BUT, I know there is no way I can possibly start anything new for the rest of this year. (Or so I say!) I am diligent working on the two of the three quilts I started in May and June. One is almost a top and the other one I'm about half done with the blocks so I feel pretty good about them. The third one -- nothing is happening. It was using mostly strings so even if I never make anything with the two blocks I made I feel like I learned the technique. Although, they would go into a nursing home quilt quite nicely. I may get back to it eventually! B

  6. How sweet and kind of Sue. Believe it or not I have never appliqued before.

  7. What a sweet gift! I love the eagles.

  8. That looks like a Toni Whitney pattern. I would like to be considered for the eagle pattern. It would be a great center for a QOV for my son-in-law.

    I've been reading your blog for a while and have gone back to the first one and read all your posts. Really like your foreign Friday posts.


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