Monday, May 4, 2015

April Showers Bring. . .

April 2015
An April bridal shower . . .

for my great-niece, Stephanie, who will be married in July.

Justin W. & Stephanie M.
Conrad & Tripp
Congratulations, Stephanie and Justin!


  1. Congrats to the happy couple. So cute that they have "his" and her's" dogs. LOL

  2. Such a cute couple and that ring is stunning! I hope you had fun at the Bridal Shower! That little dog is really really cute:)

  3. Yummy cup cakes! The display looks so nice. Yeah, that's a stunning engagement ring. Lovely!! Cute couple...oh, Nancy, they look so young.

  4. Love that picture of the "kids" and the dogs. Looks like it was a nice shower.

  5. Thanks for coming Nancy and for your help.

  6. Looks like a party fit for a queen!

  7. I love having weddings in the family because it's a happy little family reunion. Looks like you had a lovely party.

  8. Yum! Hope it was a fun and beautiful shower! I'm so happy to see young women wearing yellow gold again. Stephanie's is beautiful and her ring is gorgeous.


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