Friday, May 29, 2015

Foreign Friday

Roberta Eddy (elf) and Nancy
Davy Jones' Locker
Misawa AFB
Misawa, Japan
Halloween 1980
Since it's the season of graduation, I'll share a photo of a Halloween party where my costume was a graduation gown that I borrowed from the school and a sign that said, "I are a graduate."

Wow, look at those big glasses!

Davy Jones' Locker was a bar in the basement of the Mutsu Officer's Club and a favorite place to hang-out on base. I remember watching the episodes of the mini-series Shogun in the bar. The pilots would bring the tapes of the previous night's episode, and a crowd would gather to watch.

Do you remember watching the Shogun mini-series in the 1980s?


  1. I do remember that mini series but didn't watch the whole thing. I did read the whole book however. Adult costume parties at Halloween - great fun. The small town we lived in for years had a costume party every year and it was really fun.

  2. Ha, ha...cute photo. And a clever costume. As a fellow English teacher, I can fully appreciate the humor. Davy Jones' Locker looks like a pretty fun place to hang out and watch Shogun! Yes, I remember the series.

  3. Oh you are so clever. Love the costume and the name tag!
    Zach celebrated his 8th graders graduating this week. The night of graduation was the same as the last Blackhawks do or die game. He made it home for the 3rd period. IM sure he was not the only one checking the score during the Mass and ceremony!

  4. I remember Sho-gun being on, but I don't think I ever watched.

  5. Oh my parents really liked that series. I believe they even read the book it was based on. I love the idea of a bar called Davy Jones' locker. And "I are a graduate" -- classic and awesome.

  6. I kind of remember Sho Gun. I don't remember watching though. I used to love costume parties, always so much fun.

  7. I never watched it. I are a graduate...cute:)


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