Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seacell Socks

women's size 10
I first posted these socks in March when I reviewed the Sock Rocket needles. The yarn came from Katherine (I think) in a swap hosted by Kathyb.

Pattern: Plain Jane - ribbed cuff socks

Needles: size 2, US

Creatively Dyed Yarn (Ocean)  70% wool and 30% Seacell  - 5.6 ounces fingering
Regina Tweed  70% super wash wool, 25% polyamide, 5% Viscose

It's the first time, I've ever knit with yarn that contained Seacell: it is a bit coarse to knit and split a bit, but I think it will wear like iron. I tried several projects (a cowl, a hat, a shawl) with this yarn before deciding to knit the Plain Jane socks, and I have enough remaining to make another pair. The Ocean color way is a vibrant and over-powering, so I paired it with the tweed to tone it down a bit.


  1. Feels like forever since I hosted a swap or participated in one. Glad your yarn found a way to become socks!

  2. Yes, they are BRIGHT, but they will be fun to wear. Interesting to hear about Seacell.

  3. Very HAPPY socks. You can't help but feel good when you've got such bright socks.

  4. I'm with Dee, super happy socks! They make me smile! I'm glad you found a project that works with your yarn and makes you happy.


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