Friday, May 15, 2015

Foreign Friday

Artist creating a cutwork vase
Taipei, Taiwan
December 1979
I loved these cutwork vases and was very tempted to purchase one; however, it was not feasible at the time.

Several earlier posts featured other pottery at the pottery factory.


  1. Wow, what skill and patience are required!

  2. It seems everything done there is done with skill and a steady hand. Such perfection. I imagine a candle inside the vase making the shadows beautiful

  3. I can't imagine doing such detailed work all day long. Her hand must be very steady.

  4. Oh wow...that's so beautiful.

  5. Nice! I'll bet her hand gets tired after a day of that!

  6. Seeing your picture I have gained a new appreciation for cut-work pottery. I don't know how I thought they did it but that's not it! It is a beautiful art.

  7. Absolutely amazing. Are they sturdy or delicate, or does it depend?


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