Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I've Been Rejected

Update: I found a solution for this frustrating problem and posted about it on Cautiously Optimistic

It started several weeks ago when I received an "undeliverable email message" after posting a comment on Thankful Me, then it expanded to JulieKQuilts, to Dakota City Quilter. Recently, The Quilter, Irish Eyes Knitter, Suburban Jubilee, This and That, High Plains Footprints, and Institches with Bonnie were added to the list.

What was causing this?

I've read and commented on many of these blogs for years, so why are my comments bouncing and the blog owner no longer receiving emails for the comments I left on their blogs?

After a lot of research and frustration, I have discovered, despite the "advice" show above there is little I can do to change this frustration because in order to comment, I must be signed in with one of the required profiles. Mine is Google, and I have NO control or how Google lists the "From" and "Reply to" format.

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It's little comfort to know that I am not the only one frustrated over this issue. What discourages me more than anything is to see this was an issue in September 2014, and it STILL hasn't been fixed.

To the bloggers listed in the first paragraph of this post and to those who no doubt will be affected in the future, I apologize that my comments will no longer be emailed to you, but rest assured that I will continue commenting on your blogs. I'll miss the "chats" that came from my comments and your responses.

I know that some bloggers now respond to comments directly on the posts, but I don't have that kind of time to return to specific posts to see if a response has been written. I don't want to spend even more time on the Internet than I already do.

Several individuals' comments (FarSide, JudyS, Marti, Pat, and others) suddenly stopped being emailed to me, and now I understand why that happened. I have learned to check my posts for their comments and respond accordingly. If I haven't responded to your comments recently, it's not that I don't appreciate your thoughts; it's because your comments are probably NOT being emailed to me, and I don't have your email address.

This situation all resulted from hackers and dishonest people who feel the need to ruin things for others. I refuse to allow these individuals to hijack my blog and the friendships that I've made through the comments I left on others' blogs and from those left on mine. If I have a means to communicate with you (i.e., and email address), I will keep in contact. You can email me anytime, using the email given at the top of the righthand column of this blog. 

Have you been "rejected" yet?

Were you able to find a solution or know anyone who has?


  1. I'm sorry you're having those issues! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before each of us has some horrid problem with Google or Blogger or whatever. There's always something...

  2. I Have not had that happen but have noticed more people making it harder to leave a comment which seems strange to me.

  3. I don't get involved with answering comments by email, I usually just answer questions in the comment section or pop over to their blog to leave a comment. Visiting each others blogs works for me! Blogger and Google have some problems alright:(

  4. Sorry you have been inducted into my club. Most of my reject emails used to say that they were rejected due to "policy reasons" but I just checked my recent bounced emails and now they say the same as yours.

  5. I actually just signed into my blog and checked the comments awaiting moderation. Sorry to say, that there were 7 messages dating back from July sitting there. :( I never got a notice that they were rejected or awaiting moderation. Thanks for this post because now I know to check my blog itself and not wait for the email.

  6. The world of comments is actually kind of odd right now. recaptcha has been angry with me on others posts. Also people using the google + ... if you are google. it requires you to use that account, but I don't nec. want my full name out htere ... so I don't. Does that even make sense? Anyhow I find that we will continue to reach out to each other in one way or another. I feel your frustration.

  7. This is a frustrating issue. I find that I can't respond as I once did - and that's not right! I'm hoping we can find a way around this issue eventually.

  8. That is so frustrating!! I had something similar happen when i switched from WordPress to Blogger. I still have to cut a comment from my blog and paste it on a new email message to the commenter, then add my response. It's a pain but better than having everything returned to me.

  9. What a pain, huh? We will march right on, arm in arm, friend!!

  10. how frustrating! I haven't been rejected - YET - but just like being hacked, it is probably only a matter of time.

  11. Aaahhh! I was aware that I was no longer getting notified when you commented but I could manually see next to posts the number of comments and after a mental calculation I could figure "Oh Nancy must have popped by" I didn't know you weren't getting emails either from my responses on the posts to your comments. How frustrating. I assumed it might have been a privacy setting you had opted for. So far you are the only one that I don't get notified about. Sounds like you've done a bit of research too. I think from now on I'll respond in conversation on one of your posts. It will look a little strange to other people but we'll know what we are doing ;)

  12. Sorry to hear this. Technology can be SO frustrating! A while ago I was having some problems with a few blogs but that resolved rather quickly; I hope yours clear up soon.

  13. Not all progress is ... progress. Gosh, now I have to wonder and hope I haven't lost any reader-friends because of a similar problem. If the reply doesn't show up in my inbox, I usually don't know it's there. Gah!

  14. Don't you just LOVE technology:)))!!

  15. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks so much for sharing this post on my blog. I replied to you after your comment, but wanted to come here to let you know that even when your comment posted to my blog, it wasn't sent to my email inbox. So frustrating to say the least. I hope they fix it soon!
    Thanks again,

  16. Totally frustrated with this "rejected" thing! Thanks for the post about it!


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