Friday, February 27, 2015

Foreign Friday

Prayer rugs
Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque
Johor, Malaysia
December 1979
These photos give you some idea how large the prayer area (sorry I don't know the official name) was in the mosque. 

Some people asked me about the significance of the clock on the top of the altar ( see a closer photo in last week's post) but I can't remember. I'm guessing it has something to do with the call to prayer. If I remember correctly, they prayed four times a day. 

Tour guide explains parts of the mosque


  1. Well we have enough clocks at our church! We don't need one on the altar !! Everyone is always looking at their watches during the sermon!

  2. That is a large area! Beautiful building.

  3. So were so fortunate to visit all these places!!

  4. The first photo reminds me a bit of the Rotunda at UVA. I wonder what Jefferson would think of that comparison?

  5. Are those rolls of rugs? That is a beautiful building. Do all the members go to the mosque 4 times a day? That would be hard to do and keep a job too.

  6. I like your photos. They are such a time capsule.


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