Monday, January 20, 2014

Large Scale Knitting - Update

Jamie D. knitting with giant needles

You may remember Jamie and her giant knitting needles as I have posted about them earlier in two separate posts - here and here.

Off the needles
January 2014
At Saturday's Fiber Guild meeting, Jamie revealed the finished rug during Show and Tell. 

The rug "yarn" was made from old, promotional T-shirts.

Those who have knit with T-shirt yarn know that it is heavy and awkward to handle. I applaud Jamie for working with the heavy material AND the large, heavy needles to create this rug.


  1. Looks like she did a good job of keeping her tension even. That must have been hard to do with such heavy yarn and needles.

  2. It makes my arms ache just to look at her picture! LOL

    Looks like she got a very cute rug in the end though.

  3. Nancy

    I Have to try that. I need new rug for the bathrooms. Great idea. Im inspired. I have some big big needles …but not as big as those. Still, I think it will work

  4. Yea, Jamie! It looks great...and the color is right on trend. It will be bright and cheery in her bathroom. I'm proud of her too.

  5. Good to see the end product. I'm sure I wouldn't have got past row 2.

  6. the neighbor is doing some "arm Knitting" it looks interesting! Those big needles must have been really awkward...but her persistence paid off:)

  7. I would love to try that sometime, tho it looks like hard work ;)

  8. I'm finding #7s too heavy, so she has my respect!

  9. Interesting rug. But where did she find all those neon green t shirts? Or did she dye the shirts. Maybe it doesn't take as many shirts as I think if would. Questions, questions.

  10. I've seen something similar done with plastic bags, but I haven't seen t-shirts. My wrists hurt just looking at it.

  11. Amazing! Those needles must be challenging. I saw some size 50 in a store recently and thought they were big, but these are HUGE. It looks like she cut the t-shirts into strips?


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