Monday, January 6, 2014

Sock It To Me

Sock yarn choices given to Bev

I gave Bev a pair of short-cuffed socks when we met for lunch in September. She liked the socks and asked if I would knit three pair for her daughters and two pair for her granddaughters.

Once she gave me an idea of colors, I went to my sock yarn stash and sent Bev a photo of some possible choices. She made her decision, told me the sizes for each, and I began knitting.

Since she wanted short-cuffed socks, they were faster knits.

From top left: 
Size 8 1/2  -- Patons Kroy Socks (Sporty Stripes) one, 50g skein
                with Regia (#1970) heels and toes - yarn "B"
Size 7 - 7 1/2  -- Red Heart - Heart and Sole (Spring Stripe)
                 one, 50g skein - yarn "D"
Size 7 - 7 1/2  --  Patons Kroy Socks (Springtime Jacquard)
                 one, 50g skein - yarn "A"
Size 10  -- Patons Kroy Socks (Springtime Jacquard)
                one, 50g skein with Regia (#1970) heels and toes - yarn "A"
Size 7 - 7 1/2  -- Opal (Jeanne d'Arc), half a skein (50g) - yarn "E"


  1. Pretty pretty, especially the real green/pink stripe on the bottom. Lots of hard work Nancy!

  2. Hand knit socks are the best. I know they will love them.

  3. Just gorgeous!! You know how I love your socks!!!


  4. Based on the striping I love the first one with Paton's kroy. I would never have guessed they would turn out the way they did from their skien presentation. THis was hugely helpful to me Nancy. Patons Kroy here I come. Thanks NANCY! The teacher in you just taught me

  5. Bright and cheery colors! Cute socks!

  6. Interesting to see the skeins and then the socks:)

  7. Great colors and patterns. Short cuff socks are my favorites and I agree with Kathyb that Patons Kroy always knits up in an interesting way. Great job Nancy. Bev is a lucky lady!

  8. You are such a good friend! Beautiful colors, each pair is definitely unique, but feels so fun :)

  9. Nice work!! And how kind of you to do all that knitting for her! Sweet. I have found that the one pair of socks I knit with Paton's Kroy is my favorite. They stretch, but don't stretch out...and wash up beautifully.

  10. How sweet, to give of your time for a friend. I love all of them and even have used one of them (the Red Heart). That is one of my favorite pairs! I love the look of the Paton Spring Jacquard... I need to look into getting some of that one. Tonight I am working on fingerless mitts for my frozen fingers. We will be in the low teens, the lowest temps in about 20 years. So I will sit by the fire, knit and watch football.

  11. You are a GOOD friend. All of the socks look great. The bottom pair is my favorite color combo.

  12. Beautiful! The berry stripe is my favorite, maybe.

  13. I love them all! I have a few sock yarn skeins that I need to knit up.

  14. They look so cosy! Just what is needed at this time of the year. Has the big storm come your way?


  15. Wow! You did a lot of work. They all look great!

  16. Socks that pretty will make for some very happy feet! If you were closer, I would be hounding you to teach me how to knit socks. Bet you're glad I'm so far away! :)


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