Friday, January 24, 2014

Foreign Friday

February 1981
Sapporo, Japan
This woman was clever to take a sled to the Sapporo Snow Festival grounds because it was a large area and required a lot of walking. Her daughter was having fun being pulled around, and the mother was able to cover the area quickly.

We saw a lot of children on the grounds but not many sleds. Obviously, this wasn't the mother's first "rodeo," and she came prepared.


  1. One smart lady ---- and she's all color coordinated with the sled and little girl. LOL

  2. Good idea. I bet other moms copied her idea the next year.

  3. Great idea! Mothers have the best ideas.

  4. I remember those bright yellow winter snowsuits that adults wore around here in the 70s. What a smart momma she was

  5. Ah, that's cute. That's a great way to transport that little one!

  6. Clever. And I love that they kinda' match!

  7. Mom gets a break, kid has fun. Win, win!


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