Friday, January 17, 2014

Foreign Friday

Play program
Akenohoshi Junior College
English Department Graduating Class
December 1980
I had the opportunity to attend a couple of plays at Akenohoshi Junior College. The plays were staged in English and a project for the students in the English Department. 

Before going to Japan, I had directed South Pacific in Wheatland, WY. It is a fun musical to direct, and seeing it performed in Japan was a treat. However, I thought it ironic the Japanese junior college selected South Pacific for their final project, as the play takes place during World War II and has several references to the Japanese military movements and battles. 

The all-girl cast did a fabulous job, especially with the numerous male roles. 

It was clear the girls were having fun. 

I thought it was interesting and clever to use a thin polyester batting for the "soap" in the number "I'm Going to Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair."

Less than $15.00 for the bus and play ticket

The school also presented West Side Story and Pride and Prejudice.

Advertisements in the program


  1. A great way to practice English language skills. Lots of fun for everyone.

  2. Love the costumes --- yes, batting for soap? GENIUS!

  3. Musicals are so much fun to be in and enjoyable to watch. I guess it would be hard to find a play with an all girl cast. Did they leave out the anti-Japanese parts?

  4. The girls look like they are having a wonderful time performing! How cool is that!! They did some ambitious shows! That's pretty neat that you had just directed your own show in you knew it well before seeing another group perform it.

  5. Foreign Fridays are always a good time Nancy :)

  6. What fun! I love these posts too. I learn so much.


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