Monday, October 14, 2013

Scrapbuster Mitts

My scrapbuster mitts are finished and have already been put to use. The longer tops are going to be nice as the temperatures continue to dip. Last week, the overcast sky provided lighting that was perfect to capture the true colors of the Noro.

Yarn: Noro Sock scraps
Pattern: Fingerless Gloves (Ravelry link)
Needle: size 2 circulars
Cast on 55 stitches (45 for a small hand)

I adapted the pattern to suit my tastes: on my mitts the bottom 2 x 2 rib cuff is 3 inches long and has an inch of stockinette to the beginning of the thumb gusset. Top 2 x 2 ribbing is also 3 inches. Thumb from picked up stitches is 1.5 inches and a 1 x 1 half inch rib at the top.


  1. That's really pretty yarn, and you had a good idea to make the tops longer.

  2. HOw cheerful they will be on cold winter days!!! Im happy making fingerless too, but now you have me thinking NORO

  3. I love your mitts!! Mine were made for a Christmas gift but they are so cute and warm that I think I must make a pair for me. I'm looking forward to cooler weather. It's raining and cooler today so there is hope!

  4. These are really great mitts! The longer tops are just the ticket! BTW, I love the photo of the Noro yarn against the rock.

  5. Very pretty!! The colors are awesome, and so is the photo.

  6. Love them!! They will be so handy!!!


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