Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue
Western Region Oddball Baby Blanket
started September 2013
Another boy-friendly blanket.

Stitch for my section: Checks and Ridges
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft (Light Country Blue)

Update: January 20,2014

Even though it looks purple in this photo, this is the
Rhapsody in Blue - completed


  1. I like the blankets that use the different shades of the same color. Very nice!

  2. This is a really pretty blanket for a boy! I like the variety of stitches in this one.

  3. gorgeous. the textures are so lovely, I agree with the others

  4. So bright and pretty! The colors and textures remind me of spring skies.

  5. Beautiful - and I love the name!

  6. Monochromatic certainly let's the textures shine.


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