Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back in Time - OTL Friends

Tom Gordy, Nancy Stearns, Robbin Oberheu, Dave Vogel and Ted
Susan Davenport, and Kathy Kingston
Autumn 1978
While teaching in Wheatland, my path crossed those of some wonderful individuals who became close friends of mine - several of which I still visit.

Shown in the photo are: Tom, an engineer at the Gray Rocks Reservoir being built near Wheatland; Robbin, a college friend; Susan, Vocal Music; Kathy, Language Arts (we called it English then); Dave, Industrial Arts; Ted, a delightful Springer Spaniel with a fabulous personality, was a buddy to all, but especially to Dave, his Dad.

We called ourselves the OTL (Out to Lunch) bunch, and since most were single, we did a lot of fun things together - shooting, exploring, and partying to name a few. The group included ten to twelve additional people.

Two OTL couples eventually married: Tom and Kathy; Steve and Mary.

Susan, Nancy, and Daisy
June 1979
(This photo is for Chan who is Sissy's Mom.) 

Daisy became a member of the OTL when Susan, Dave, and I took a trip in a large farm truck (I can't remember the reason why we took the truck) to Denver. Dave wanted to go to Sid King's (a popular strip joint on Colfax Ave.). Talk about a memory: cruising Colfax in a farm truck to go to a strip joint - the things we do for friends!

Susan spotted Daisy at a pet store in a mall, and there was no talking her out of the purchase: she was smitten with those big ears and dark eyes and purchased the pup before thinking that we were staying at my sister's house. I don't think Marilyn and Harold were too happy to have a puppy who, of course, was not housebroken in the house. We lined the floor of the downstairs bathroom with newspaper and settled Daisy in for the night. No one got any sleep because Daisy let us know in no uncertain terms that she was NOT happy. Chan talks about Sissy being a diva, well, I think Daisy could easily have held that title, as well.


  1. Oh I love it!! Daisy is a beauty, and I'm so glad your friend rescued her from the pet store. Thanks for sharing another fun story with us, but especially since it included not one but TWO pretty dogs!

  2. Oh my gosh ... the things we do when we are young and impulsive. I ended up owning a feral kitten. Talk about Where The Wild Things Are ---- I KNOW where they are ....in my kitchen. LOL

  3. Such great memories and times you had!! Thanks for sharing!:)

  4. What a fun story!!! Love the Sissy connection. THey are darling dogs and adorable puppies

  5. You all sound like a fun group! Anyone who falls in love with a pup and takes him/her home is okay in my book. I love the story of keeping her in the bathroom. We kept our son's two bassets while he was moving and I can tell you that nothing makes more noise than an unhappy Basset!!

  6. LOL - what wonderful friends and memories! I agree with Katherine - y'all sound like a fun group! Oh to be young again...no thank you! LOL, but the memories are priceless!

  7. It's fun to reminisce, isn't it? Your story reminded me how close I came to getting a dog when I lived in Denver. Ended up lots of years later with 3 cats.

  8. Love that second photo of you, Susan and Daisy!


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