Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back in Time - Childhood Friends

Cathy Rohn
Pavillion, WY
approx. 1968
Cathy and I went to all 12 years of school together and rode the same bus to and from school. Her house was about a mile and half to the east (near Ocean Lake), and sometimes I rode my bike or walked to her house to work on 4-H projects. This post has a photo of Cathy and me when we were about 5 years old.

Cathy got her driver's license long before I did, and she drove a bright red, Chevy pickup with a short box. We were both in the Pep Club, and Cathy would often pick me up and take me to games or to Pavillion to catch the bus for an out-of-town game. Besides Pep Club and 4-H, another activity we had in common was FHA (Future Homemakers of America): Cathy was a State Officer when we were seniors. She also played in the band and sang in the choir.

Mrs. Rohn was one of my 4-H leaders, so Cathy and I worked on a lot of our projects together. One summer, our club was canning cucumber relish at Cathy's house and somehow, I sliced my index finger on my right hand. It was a deep gash that required an unplanned trip to the doctor in Riverton (30+ miles distant) and three stitches. Even now, when something hits the scar at just the right angle, it sends jabs of electricity through the nerves in my finger.

Cathy married after high school graduation and helped raise her husband's two sisters because both their parents were deceased. Cathy and her husband now live in Alaska. We correspond at Christmas, but I haven't seen her in years.

(The photo above was taken in front of the high school building. Cathy is facing north, and the school's flag pole is just over her right shoulder. The two-story building past the flag post was one of the first churches in Pavillion. I think it was the Seventh Day Adventist church. At the time this photo was taken, the building was the Glasgow family home. Note some typical sights from the late 60s: the white anklets on the girl who is walking toward the school, the pleats in Cathy's skirt, and the long-bodied car.

Did you attend 12 years of school with one or more friend?


  1. My family was transferred three times when I was in high school. I've lost touch with most of the friends I had when I was younger.

  2. My family moved right before my sophomore year of high school, so I didn't attend school all 12 years with the same classmates. However, thanks to facebook, I am still in contact with several of my 1-9 grade friends.

  3. What a good photo of Cathy. Yes, I remember well those days of 4-H, FHA, band, and chorus; we were all pretty busy with one project or another. I'm so grateful for the good friends involved in all these activities. Fortunately, I was able to spend 12 years of school with several friends.

  4. Come to think of it NO. I had a good friend in grade school from 3rd through 8th grade. Then new good friends in High School with whom I still see every few months. :) I love Cathy's sweater!

  5. How interesting. I didn't have a friend all thru school!...I had one in Jr. High for the 3 years...then when we went to high school....we both had to go to different ones because of where we lived...then in High School.... all the friends were new ones...

  6. I got a lump in my throat when I read your post. It could be my life story--the cars, the clothes and the hairstyle. My best friend all through the growing years (and maid of honor at my wedding) lives in California but I haven't seen her in 30 years. We did everything together then and now we send Christmas cards. It makes me want to pick up the phone and call her. Maybe....

  7. My story is similar to WoolWinder's. We transferred about every 3 years so I never really made close friends.

  8. Yes, there were about 8-10 of us local kids who started first grade together and graduated together. It makes for a long history. My best friend in grade school was a year younger than me, I have not seen her in years:)

  9. Sadly, we moved when I was 11. However, I now live within a few miles of my first childhood home, and I'm delighted to say that I have two friends with whom I shared the church nursery, and the fourth lives in Norway. Thanks to Facebook though, we're still very much in touch!

  10. Heck no. I went to 11 different schools although I did do the first three years of high school at the same school. Not all the school changes were moves -- some were redistricting and change of levels.

  11. Yes!!! We lived in a small community - Little Snake River Valley in southern Wyoming. I went all 12 years (we didn't have K back then) with Lily and Ned. We had two first and second grades - one on the west end of the valley and one on the east end and then we were together from 3rd through 12th, so there were many that I went 10 years with. It was wonderful growing up in a small community with many of the same families. There were always a few kids that moved in and out, but for the most part, we all went to school together. I graduated with 19. What a great post Nancy, which brought back great memories for me!!



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