Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scrapbuster Mitts

Scrapbuster Fingerless Mitts
started September 29, 2013
In an effort to bring my scrap yarn under control, I started a pair of simple fingerless mitts, using this pattern by Stephanie C. Haberman. The Noro scraps were given to me a couple of years ago by Julie, a knitting buddy, and I thought they had marinated long enough in my scrap bin.

finishing the thumb on first mitt
October 1, 2013
(colors are more true in the top photo)

Knit with several different scraps, the finished mitts will not match, but given the nature of Noro, they would not have matched anyway. I know these will be perfect to keep my hand warm this winter. Note: I followed Katherine's lead and made the tops longer so they can be worn down or up for more coverage.

Clearly, I made some notes to myself the last time I used this pattern in 2006. Do you write reminders on the patterns you use?


  1. My favorite pair of mitts is made from Noro. I don't mind at all that they don't match.

    I usually write all over my patterns--yarn I used, needle size, mods, etc.

  2. Pretty! I don't make notes ON my patterns, but I do makes notes on my Ravelry page for that project.

  3. I love the idea of the longer tops. I might have to make a pair...

  4. I love the mitts! The colors are gorgeous. And, I like the idea of knitting them on two circs. I have never done that and want to try it! Isn't it wonderful how we all share information and ideas? That's what it's all about, right?

  5. The Noro yarn is going to make great mitts! Warm and comfy. I really like the idea of the longer hand that can be folded up too. Kudos to Katherine. I may have to give that idea a try too; it's just so practical! Yes, I write notes on my patterns.

  6. Isn't Noro yarn fun? This looks like a handy pattern. And yes, I do make notes on the patterns, lots of them sometimes.

  7. I love the rainbow effect. Yes I have notes written in most all of my craft books, it is nice to have hints how to figure something out! :)

  8. I need to make a couple pair of fingerless mitts for me this winter, I know the cold is going to affect the new plate in my arm!


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